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More marriage, the more kids living with two parents.

Around the globe, less marriage = more single parents

by Anna Sutherland and W. Bradford Wilcox

It’s risky to generalize about American families, and doubly perilous to do so about families all around the globe. One of the few observations that obtains just about worldwide is this: Marriage is on the decline. In some countries, it’s been partly replaced by nonmarital cohabitation—which, despite resembling marriage in the eyes of many adults, reduces children’s chances of growing up with two parents.


Although marriage is becoming less common in most countries, its current prevalence varies a great deal. Adults of reproductive age (18 to 49) are most likely to be married in Asia and the Middle East, and are least likely to be married in Central/South America, as the figure below shows.

Source: World Family Map Report, 2015. See here for
full information on the source for each country.


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