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Iran got what it bargained for - The U.S. is on the road to accepting Tehran's program

Explaining Iran's nuclear deal win

President Obama heralded the nuclear agreement with Iran as "an important first step toward a comprehensive solution that addresses our concerns with the Islamic Republic of Iran's nuclear program." That is an awfully sanguine description for an agreement that puts the U.S. on the road to surrendering and accepting Iran's illicit nuclear program.

There have always been two paths for how the nuclear issue will be settled. Either Iran's leadership is compelled to abandon its pursuit of nuclear weapons capability and shut the program down verifiably or the United States and the West decide that they will accommodate the Iranian regime and attempt to live with its nuclear weapons program. The "interim" agreement that came out of negotiations in Geneva is the worst of both worlds: accommodation masquerading as abandonment.

The President billed the terms of the deal "the most significant and tangible progress that we've made with Iran since I took office." Yet the agreement does not roll back the advancements Iran has made since 2009.

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