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“The toothpaste is so far out of the tube, there’s so many LGBT people serving [in the military], that to unwind it would be difficult,”

‘Gay’ leaders predict Obama’s LGBT legacy will be hard for Trump to reverse

by Peter LaBarbera

The second in a series from inside the International LGBT Leaders Conference. See Part One here.

January 11, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) — As Donald Trump prepares to assume the presidency, many social conservatives hope that he will completely reverse his predecessor’s radical pro-LGBTQ agenda. But homosexual and transgender activists attending the first major “gay” conference after Trump’s stunning victory predicted that some of Obama’s major LGBTQ policies, especially changes in the military, will be difficult to reverse.

“The toothpaste is so far out of the tube, there’s so many LGBT people serving [in the military], that to unwind it would be difficult,” said lesbian activist Sue Fulton.

"President Obama’s leadership is why we’re here. … It was my honor and privilege to serve under who I know is the greatest president of the United States," gushed Wally Brewster, the outgoing openly homosexual U.S. Ambassador to the Dominican Republic. Brewster made the remarks during the opening panel of the Dec. 8-10 International LGBT Leaders conference sponsored by the Gay and Lesbian Victory Institute.

The Institute is affiliated with the Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund, a PAC that helps elect openly homosexual and transgender politicians, who are mostly “progressive” Democrats.

Ambassador Brewster's words epitomized the adoration that many LGBTQ activists have for the outgoing 44th president, who is easily the most pro-homosexual and pro-transgender chief executive in American history. Obama is the first president to elevate homosexuality and gender-confusion (“transgenderism”) as “human rights” in U.S. foreign policy. During Obama's tenure, many foreign nations likeKenya and Jamaica pushed back against his aggressive “gay” activism.

About 550 LGBT leaders and activists from all over the world attended the Victory Institute conference, according to organizers. It was financed, as are most LGBT events today, by major corporations like AT&T, Walmart, Coca-Cola, and Comcast. Originally envisioned as a recruitment/celebration event of sorts for a presumed “President Hillary Clinton” administration, by necessity it turned into a strategy session for preserving Obama’s extensive “gay” and “trans” legacy.

Participants were devastated by the loss of Hillary Clinton, who was as committed to the LGBTQ agenda as Obama, and were still reeling from the Trump political tsunami. They strategized on how to resist a resurgent, conservative populism with Republicans controlling the White House and Congress.

“A lot of us are feeling gut-punched by this election,” said one panelist, Justin Nelson, co-founder and president of the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce, at a panel titled “OUT, Proud and with Honor: How President Obama Re-imagined an Inclusive Military.”

“We’re going to jump into the post-apocalypse, November 8th,” quipped the panel’s moderator, Matt Thorn, as questions in the audience turned to the Trump effect on LGBT issues. Thorn is executive director of Outserve-SLDN(Servicemembers Legal Defense Network), which advocates for homosexual and “transgendered” people in the military.


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