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" I wanted to show how following atheism and agnosticism has created huge crimes against the Church "

French Revolution’s dark secret revealed in movie about war against Catholic peasants’ resistance

by Steve Weatherbe

LOS ANGELES, California, January 10, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) – A new docudrama presents a far different picture of the Vendee Rebellion in France during the late 1700s than the Revolutionary government’s version of the story.

Official, secularized accounts of the government’s intervention in the localized civil war say military force was necessary to secure the revolution. But revisionist historians see it as a brutal precursor of the worst Stalinist and Maoist purges, a mass murder bordering on genocide, and an ideological war on Christian faith.

“For 300 years,” says Daniel Rabourdin, the maker of the film about the Vendee insurrection that saw the French army kill an estimated 150,000 civilians, “we have been amputated from our Christian past.”

His production, The Hidden Rebellion: The Untold Story Behind the French Revolution, intertwines re-enactments of the key events in the rebellion filmed in the Vendee with interviews with historians such as Reynald Secher and Stephane Courtois.

Secher dares to call Paris’ use of mass, conscript armies to kill Catholic peasants the first modern “genocide.” Courtois has already challenged the Leftist narrative dominating European social science with The Black Book of Communism, which argued that communism was worse than Nazism because, though equally opposed to fundamental freedoms, it murdered far more people (and tens of millions of peasants).

In The Hidden Rebellion, Courtois extends his indictment of totalitarian thinking and its inevitable crimes to the French Revolution. Though not a Christian, he identifies the hostility of the revolutionaries to God as the root of their unrestrained viciousness toward fellow French men and women.


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