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Chomsky maintains that the public’s access to information is limited through the same framework

Noam Chomsky: Western Media Is Still 'Manufacturing Consent'

Nearly three decades after the publication of his groundbreaking critique of the Western mainstream press, Noam Chomsky still believes the media is complicit in "manufacturing consent."

In 1988, renowned linguist and political scholar Noam Chomsky co-authored a book with Edward S. Herman in which he posited that the Western corporate media "manufactured consent" in the interests of dominant and elite groups in society. Chomsky, who is admired for his intellect by some and accused of anti-US leanings by others, argued that propaganda is pervasive in the so-called free media of the West.

A lot has changed in the twenty seven years since Manufacturing Consent was published. Namely, the media ownership models that Chomsky criticized have changed, and that landscape has transformed, largely due to the advent of social media and other online platforms.

Still, Chomsky believes little has changed in his Manufacturing Consent model.

In an interview with Byline, Chomsky discussed media landscape, saying that despite the influx of new sources and new platforms, his "basic analysis is still the same."


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