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The “founder of the modern gay movement.”

Harry Hay: Pioneering Gay Communist, Former Catholic

by Paul Kengor

As a gleeful gaggle of the nature-redefining left celebrates the one-year anniversary of the horrific Obergefell decision, which magically discovered—nay, invented—a “constitutional right” to same-sex “marriage” in all 50 states, there is a name that likewise deserves recognition. It is a name that will not be mentioned but merits some credit in the secular left’s ongoing grand attempt to redefine marriage, family, sexuality, gender, and, in essence, human nature. That name is Harry Hay.

Most readers here (or elsewhere) have not heard of Harry Hay. One among many disturbing figures in my book, Takedown, I cannot here summarize everything about the man, but I would like to share some things of fundamental importance and special interest to Catholics particularly (and orthodox Christians generally), many of whom will be scandalized by what they read.

I would rarely cite Wikipedia, but here it’s worth quoting because it usually goes easy on leftists like Harry Hay, but this time has Hay exactly right. The Wikipedia entry states accurately: “Hay was a prominent American gay rights activist, communist, pro-pedophilia activist (NAMBLA), and … founder of the Mattachine Society, the first sustained gay rights group in the United States, as well as the Radical Faeries, a loosely-affiliated gay spiritual movement.” Among these, NAMBLA is the infamous North American Man/Boy Love Association.

That’s one radical resume.

To quote from the subtitle of the definitive biography by author Stuart Timmons, Hay was no less than the “founder of the modern gay movement.”

Hay was extremely active in the homosexual lifestyle from an early age. His biographer writes of Hay’s “sexual flurry” in his early twenties. Hay himself said that he had “two or three affairs a day between 1932 and 1936.” This is a rather incredible physical feat, though not unprecedented among homosexual men. It would equate to nearly a thousand sexual encounters per year by Hay, and at a time when homosexuals were hiding in the closet. The closet apparently did little to contain Harry’s ability to act proficiently on his urges.

Hay was a homosexual before he was a communist. He was brought into the communist movement by one of his dearest lovers, actor Will Geer, who readers will know as “Grandpa Walton” from the hit 1970s TV show, “The Waltons.” “I was madly in love with Bill,” said Hay of Geer. Geer was a sexual-political mentor to Hay. Will Geer actually mentored Harry into the Communist Party. He brought Harry Hay from the homosexual orbit into the communist orbit.

This eventually carried Harry into the bosom of Communist Party USA, which was not a hospitable place for homosexuals for a number of reasons, primarily because of their susceptibility to blackmail.

Thus, Harry left CPUSA and in 1950 joined a group of homosexual communists in forming the so-called Mattachine Society, the pioneering organization of gay communists. From there, Hay did remarkable work in spreading both gay-rights propaganda and communist propaganda and forging the two under a mighty left-wing rainbow umbrella that would revolutionize what we now called the wider “LGBTQ” movement. (Actually, writers at People’s World, flagship publication of Communist Party USA, have now started using the term “LGBTQIA.”) The likes of Hay have been extremely influential in (among other things) changing the culture in a way that has allowed for such fundamental transformations as the redefinition of marriage in America as well as sexuality.


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