jueves, 30 de junio de 2016

A national movement towards more transgender-friendly education ?

University of Arizona to Launch Nation's First Transgender Studies Program 

The University of Arizona will be the first university in the United States to launch a transgender studies master’s program, which is expected to begin in the fall of 2017. The focus for the program will be all things related to transgenderism, including sex, gender, and cultural and political issues.

But the question remains, for what exactly will such a program prepare graduating students? What possible careers will seek out transgender studies majors?

According to the Daily Caller, the announced program is the “end result of the public school’s Transgender Studies Initiative, which was introduced in 2013.” That initiative sought to prioritize transgender issues even before they became the center of significant national debate.

Three professors have already been hired for the new program, though they will be working in the women’s studies, anthropology, and religious studies departments until the new program is officially launched. Susan Stryker, who is responsible for the program, toldInside Higher Ed that the school plans to hire a fourth professor, preferably one who is not white.

“The three people who had been hired were all white, and we were really trying to prioritize hiring faculty of color,” Stryker candidly said.


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