lunes, 20 de febrero de 2017

Paul Kengor and Mary Jo Anderson: The Spirit and Memories of Michael Novak

The Spirit of Michael Novak

Paul Kengor

One of the most brilliant, influential Catholic intellectuals of the past half century has died at age 83. He was Michael Novak, theologian, philosopher, and gentleman—truly, a gentle man. I had the privilege to know Michael well. One of the great, undeserved honors of my life was sharing the stage with him at Franciscan University […]

Memories of Michael Novak

Mary Jo Anderson

In 1992 I read a column in Crisis by the magazine publisher who warned, “no one should doubt that … this election is a choice between two radically opposite national directions. The outcome will deeply affect the public life of Catholics.” The author of that column, Michael Novak, will be remembered for his stellar achievements. He […]

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