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There is increasing evidence that the threat from global warming is overstated

Climate Issues Deserve an Honest Debate
by Doug Domenech

Sen. Ben Sasse, R-Neb., recently gave an important speech on the Senate floor in which he said,
“We as a Congress are not shepherding the country through the serious debates we must have about the future of this great nation. We all know deep down that the political class is unpopular not because of our relentless truth-telling, but because of politicians’ habit of regularized pandering to those who already agree with us.”
This is an important message to keep in mind. Democrats love to use the line that “Republicans don’t believe in climate change.” It’s a cheap, albeit pandering, applause line.

Some Republicans are also guilty of using these broad generalizations. Former New York Gov. George Pataki recently said, “One of the things that troubles me about the Republican Party is too often we question science that everyone accepts.” Sen. Lindsey Graham,R-S.C., said of climate change, “I am not a scientist but I’ve talked to the climatologists of the world and 90 percent of them are telling me that the greenhouse gas effect is real.”

And the media’s biased questions don’t help. CNBC Moderator John Harwood asked in the last debate: “Gov. Christie, you’ve said something that many in your party do not believe, which is that climate change is undeniable, that human activity contributes to it.” Even Jimmy Kimmel, when interviewing Hillary Clinton said, “the vast majority of the candidates and people who are Republicans believe that man-made climate change is a myth.” Her response, “They should talk to a scientist.”

It’s more accurate to say many Republicans hold varying degrees of skepticism about climate change.


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