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"As Paris Burned, UK Muslims Told to 'Struggle' for Islamic State in Unprecedented Islamist Show of Force."

UK Islamists Hold Rally to 'Struggle' for Islamic State

by Raheem Kassam and Liam Deacon

Originally published under the title, "As Paris Burned, UK Muslims Told to 'Struggle' for Islamic State in Unprecedented Islamist Show of Force."

From left to right: Haitham al-Haddad, Sulaiman Ghani, Adnan Rashid, Dilly Hussain, Taji Mustafa, Abdur Raheem Green, Moazzam Begg 

BEDFORD, United Kingdom – As the distressing attacks in Paris were occurring last night, some of Britain's most high profile and notorious Islamist extremists gathered just north of London, unimpeded, to tell hundreds of British Muslims to "struggle" for an "Islamic State." Breitbart London was there.

At the "Quiz a Muslim" event held last night in the Corn Exchange in Bedford, panelists called British values "junk," demanded that Muslims should "define" British law, and ominously appeared to suggest Muslims were at war with the British.

The event was organised and chaired by Bedford-born blogger Dilly Hussain, an avid Islamist and a supporter of a global Islamic caliphate.

Mr. Hussain described the event as "sort of like an Islamic question time," but during question time there are usually disagreements. This event saw an all-male panel of "community leaders" talking to a completely segregated room, with little to disagree on.

The flyer for the event

One panelist billed to appear – Hamza Tzortzis – did not show. It is not known whether this was related to the recent revelations thatshowed him appearing on the extra-marital affairs website Ashley Madison.

The group addressed the issue of how anyone could possibly have a negative opinion of some interpretations of Islam.

"Television is a form of hypnotism," said Abdur Raheem Green, chairman of the Islamic Education and Research Academy (IERA), which is known for sending hate preachers to UK campuses. Mr. Green is perhaps best known for his comment that "Islam is not compatible with democracy," and for stating that a husband may use "physical force... a very light beating" against his wife.

Last night he said of television: "It is the most powerful form of indoctrination... the CIA knows."

The other panelists agreed; the media was to blame for Islam getting a bad reputation.

When Dr. Haitham al-Haddad, who was introduced as a scholar of "Islamic sciences," asked the room if attendees were British, there was a long pause and an uncomfortable murmuring. Dr. Haddad has previously made deeply disparaging remarks about Jewish people and is even claimed to have said that the late Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden would go to heaven.


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