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CERC Weekly Update - November 18, 2015

Note from the Assistant Editor:

- We begin with Caryll Houselander who describes another trick of the devil: to drag our focus from God to ourselves. "The soul must attain a certain level of holiness before abandoning itself to God." But, she says, do not wait. Offer everything, "just as it is, to God. Leave it to God to transform all this into himself."
See "Casting Out the Demons."

- Then Father Schall, S.J. applies his remarkable mind to what has just happened in Paris. 
See "An 'act of war'."

- "Christmas has devoured Advent, gobbled it up with the turkey giblets and the goblets of seasonal ale," writes Jody Bottum in "The End of Advent." (And yes, you've seen this article before if you've been a subscriber for over a year. It's something of a seasonal fixture.)

- Next, Stephen Beale explains why, "by almost every conceivable measure, Catholicism in Africa is experiencing an extraordinary spiritual renaissance — the very reverse of what is happening in the continent to its north." 
See "The African Church Is the New Champion of Orthodoxy."

- Then Dr. Richard Fitzgibbons considers injustices that may arise from the new changes to the annulment process. "The conflicts leading to a decision to divorce are often not of a severe nature," he says, and an easier process may mean "spouses will not be motivated to engage in the hard work of addressing personal psychological and spiritual weaknesses but pursue divorce and with a belief that they are entitled to a decision of nullity." 
See "We can do better."

- Fr. Robert Barron writes about the "permanent and unsettling contribution" of the late philosopher René Girard. 
See "René Girard, Church Father."

- And finally we have "The holy spouses of Lisieux," a wonderful piece on the saints-as-spouses Louis and Zélie Martin, who prove that asking the heroic is (still) not too much. - Meaghen Hale

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