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"If this is achieved, then the Sexual Revolution will have accomplished the diabolical task of mocking the creation of God"

Slouching Towards a Genderless Society

By Joe Kral

It would seem that in today’s modern US society there are pundits who wish to make gender something that is fluid. Something that can change on a whim, if one wills it. On November 3, the voters of the city of Houston decided on whether to keep their local Equal Rights Ordinance. While on the surface, this sort of legislative initiative seems just since no one is in favor of unjust discrimination, this ordinance posed several problems with its language. The City Council of Dallas, Texas, is another locality that recently passed an ordinance identical to that of Houston’s, and it too may end up on the local ballot to see if the citizens want to keep it. While many are familiar with the recent decision of the US Supreme Court’s decision to mandate that all states recognize the so-called right to same-sex “marriage”, it seems that something much more nefarious is afoot when it comes to the subject of gender. As of late, there have been multiple attacks on the institution of marriage and these particular ordinances are among them.

Many who opposed this type of legislation make the argument that it would legally allow a man who claims to be a woman to go into a woman’s public restroom. However, the problem extends beyond the issue of a man using the opposite gender’s public facility. The Houston Equal Rights Ordinance is a clear indication of what modern day proponents of the Sexual Revolution are moving towards. This is seen when one reads the definition of “gender identity” within the ordinance itself; it reads as “an individual’s innate identification, appearance, expression, or behavior as either male or female, although the same may not correspond to the individual’s body or gender as assigned at birth” (see City of Houston Ordinances, Chapter 17, Section 2). In essence, a man may merely will himself to be a “woman” and vice versa. Basically, instead of having the law recognize the uniqueness of each gender and how each gender reflects the image of God in its own way, these individuals wish to twist the civil law in order to reflect the idea that gender is legally meaningless. Biology is merely ignored.


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