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The administration literally conspired with Republican leadership to pass a 1,061-page “education” bill

White House and GOP Conspired on Education Takeover

by Alex Newman

The American people went to the polls in massive numbers to vote in Republican congressional candidates over the last few elections — but giving Republican leaders control of Congress was all for nothing, the latest GOP betrayal of the Constitution and its constituents showed. As if to rub it in, Obama's Education secretary, Arne Duncan, has been gloating about how the administration literally conspired with Republican leadership to pass a 1,061-page “education” bill that for the first time codifies Obama's radical education agenda — including the almost universally loathed Common Core standards and much more — into federal “law.”

Obama called it a “Christmas miracle,” echoing comments from other Democrats and teachers' unions. And while Duncan also suggested that the administration had duped less-than-intelligent Republicans into passing the Obama-backed “Every Student Succeeds Act,” or ESSA, the reality is that GOP leaders are not idiots. Instead, they knowingly and willingly betrayed their constituents and their oath of office to help Obama advance his agenda of “fundamentally transforming” America.

In an interview with Politico Pro celebrating the GOP-approved bill, Duncan expressed amazement at how readily and boldly Republican lawmakers were willing to betray those who elected them, as well as their own oath of office to the U.S. Constitution. “I’m stunned at how much better it ended up than either [the already radically unconstitutional House and/or Senate] bill going into conference,” gushed Duncan about the ESSA bill, which already had the strong support of the administration before it was packed with even more of Obama's agenda in the House-Senate conference. “I had a Democratic congressman say to me that it’s a miracle — he’s literally never seen anything like it.... If you look at the substance of what is there ... embedded in the law are the values that we’ve promoted and proposed forever. The core of our agenda from Day One, that’s all in there — early childhood [“education”], high standards [Common Core], not turning a blind eye when things are bad. For the first time in our nation’s history, that’s the letter of the law.”

In other words, even the Obama administration was shocked at how brazenly Republican leadership was willing to throw Americans and the Constitution under the bus to advance Obama's radical “education” agenda. Duncan also recounted his conversation with Republican leadership in Congress, and how they plotted to stab conservative voters in the back through stealth, deception, and lies. “I honestly didn’t know if they’d have the political courage to do that,” Duncan said, referring to Senator Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.) and Representative John Kline (R-Minn.), who led the congressional education committees and spearheaded the efforts to impose Obama's education schemes and trick Americans about it. “But they both said they would and they did. I give them tremendous credit for that.”

House Speaker Paul Ryan also promised to betray conservatives, Duncan said — and he did. Of course, Senate Majority Mitch McConnell, also a Republican, was also instrumental in ensuring passage of Obama's radical education bill. In all, just 64 Republicans voted against the bill in the House, with 359 establishment Republicans and Democrats supporting it. In the Senate, the bill also passed overwhelmingly, with just 12 conservative and constitutionalist Republicans defying Obama and GOP leadership to vote against ESSA. Once again, then, GOP “leadership” relied on Democrat votes to impose Obama's agenda. Literally all voting Democrats in the House and Senate supported the bill.

Duncan even admitted to conspiring with GOP leaders on how to implement Obama's education agenda without the public figuring it out. “We were intentionally quiet on the bill — they asked us specifically not to praise it — and to let it get through,” he explained. “And so we went into radio silence and then talked about it after the fact.... Our goal was to get this bill passed — intentionally silent on the many, many good aspects of the bill.... We were very strategically quiet on good stuff.” So, while Republican lawmakers were lying to the American people about the bill supposedly reducing the federal footprint on education, GOP leadership knew all along that they were implementing Obama's radical agenda. Put simply, they lied to the people.

Obama's “education” secretary also directly exposed his congressional co-conspirators, who falsely claimed the bill stopped Common Core and reduced D.C.'s role in “education,” as either liars, dupes, or both. “The final thing is we have every ability to implement, to regulate the law ... it’s just a Washington typical storyline,” he said. “And candidly, our lawyers are much smarter than many of the folks who were working on this bill. There are some face-saving things you give up, some talking points you give up, which we always do because we’re focused on substance. And we have every ability to implement. That’s all I’ve ever wanted.” So Duncan, who brags of turning American children into “green” citizens with his “global partner” UNESCO via the “weapon” of education, got everything he and Obama wanted — and all of the money needed to implement it.


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