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Modern society's rejection of literature - pre-Socratics - the historian must be a pragmatist

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This week: 
  • Russell Kirk considers how modern society's rejection of literature is leading to the ruin of culture
  • Eva Brann asks whether pre-Socratics were not in fact the first of the Western philosophers
  • Lenore Ealy and Steve Klugewicz look at the legacy of historian Forrest McDonald, who passed away last week.
by Russell Kirk

The decay of literature results from a rejection of the ancient human endeavor to apprehend a transcendent order in the universe and to live in harmony with that order. Religious assumptions about the human condition having been abandoned by men of letters, the moral imagination starves...

by Eva Brann

The Pre-Socratics may be thought of as deficient, lacking something, primitive in the derogatory sense. But there is also the opposite perspective: These men were not primitive, without sophistication, but primeval, deeper, more receptive to origins... 

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History on Proper Principles: The Legacy of Forrest McDonald

by Lenore Ealy and Stephen Klugewicz

Forrest McDonald demonstrated that the historian above all must be a pragmatist who looks at the reality of the past as it was, who gets his hands dirty by putting in long hours of research, who makes sense of vast quantities of data, and who then communicates what he has found in an understandable and interesting way to the general reader... 

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