viernes, 15 de enero de 2016

Talking about sex and gender for children who are five, six years old is inappropriate

Kindergartner Provokes Debate Over Transgender Policy at Minnesota School

by Raven Clabough

Parents of a five-year old “transgender” child are asking the school’s kindergarten class to take up the task of educating students on gender dysphoria, the condition of identifying as a sex that is opposite of one’s biological makeup. The request has prompted opposition from a number of parents, while several others have voiced their support.

According to the Daily Caller, it began when the parents of a gender-confused boy, who remains unidentified, sent their child to Nova Classical Academy, a charter school in St. Paul, Minnesota, wearing a girl’s jumper and pink shoes. The parents, Hannah and Dave Edwards, indicated that they were concerned that their son may be bullied, and asked that the school pre-empt any potential bullying at an instructional level. “He has said before, ‘I feel like a girl in my heart, I feel like I have both boy and girl,” dad Dave Edwards told the Fox station. “We’re not yet sure of the person that our son is. He’s in kindergarten.”

The parents stated that they do not wish to force any gender labels on their child, and have asked that the school provide special treatment to accommodate their son’s circumstance. “We don’t label him,” said Dave Edwards. “We know from what he has shown us this far, that we are going to need some protections in place to keep him safe while he’s in school.”


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