lunes, 22 de junio de 2015

“Demo für alle” – Families protest - For further information visit the website of Demo für alle.

“Demo für alle” – Families protest against government plans to impose un-scientific gender theory on school children


The regional government of the Land of Baden-Württemberg is led byWilfried Kretschmann, a member ofthe so-called “Green” Party that for many years has overtly called for the legalization of sexual relationships between adults and children. (Our image shows Kretschmann with Daniel Cohn-Bendit, a former MEP who openly bragged about his own sexual experiences with children…)

Nowadays the “Greens” are not too happy to be reminded of that part of their past – but many of the supporters of legal pedophilia are still active in the party and have a strong influence on its policy. No wonder then, that Kretschmann’s government is now planning to introduce compulsory “sexual education” curricula that, if adopted, would provide for the official and institutionalized sexual abuse of children through the school system.

In other words, Kretschmann and his allies think that children should not only not be protected against sexual abuse, but that being sexually abused should be compulsory for them. The proposed curriculum includes compulsory acquaintance with sex toys and condoms, classroom discussions on how a brothel should be equipped in order to satisfy clients of all different “sexual orientations”, etc.

But resistance is increasing, slowly but steadily. Today around 5000 rallied in Stuttgart, the regional capital, to protest against the government’s “education” policy – and further demonstrations will take place.Likeelsewhere in Europe, pro-family groups are taking possession of what once was the homo-lobby’s “Christopher Street Day”, turning it into a day to defend marriage and the family against the assaults of ideologues.

Here are two videos in German. For further information visit the website ofDemo für alle.

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