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The Imaginative Conservative - Recommended Essays

February 13 — February 19

This week: 
  • Mark Milburn laments young people's obsession with tattooing their bodies; 
  • Joe Pearce implores us to save our women from the clutches of the death-culture; 
  • Alyssa Barnes defines the elements that comprise true manhood; 
  • Mark Malvasi asks what has become of ideas in our political discourse; 
  • while Glen Sproviero pays tribute to the late Antonin Scalia. 

Gnostic Bodies: Why Millennials Love Tattoos
by Mark S. Milburn
It is as if our tattooed millennials are trying to make themselves sacred creatures fallen to earth: beings who wear the secrets of the universe—known to the few—on their thighs, on their arms. They are gnostics trapped in narcissism... [Click here to read the full essay]

Rescuing Our Maidens from the Culture of Death
by Joseph Pearce
In a world where love is replaced with lust, the number of damsels in distress will increase. In such a world, we need to rescue our maidens from the dragons of the culture of death... [Click here to read the full essay]

Top Ten Ways to Be a Gentleman
by Alyssa M. Barnes
In an age in which tweed jackets have been replaced by sweatshirts, pants have holes and shoes lack laces, and the "un-done" look is considered attractive, maybe we need to reconsider our codes of conduct, especially when it comes to the art of being a gentleman... [Click here to read the full essay]

The End of Ideas in American Politics?
by Mark Malvasi
Americans today have relinquished even the pretense of thought and have come to resent the life of the mind. They are content to accept slogans that ridicule ideas, and they extol intellectual vulgarity because they confuse it with exuberance and strength... [Click here to read the full essay]

If Men Were Angels: Antonin Scalia, RIP
by Glen A. Sproviero
Antonin Scalia espoused the idea of judicial restraint, knowing, as did the American Founders, that individuals and society require definite laws for the preservation of order and justice... [Click here to read the full essay]

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