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Trump's astounding victory

HowTrump filled the dignity deficit
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How Trump filled the dignity deficit 
For decades, progressives have emphasized the "income gap" separating rich and poor. That was half right, says Arthur Brooks. But the relevant gap wasn't income; it was dignity. 
Trump's astounding victory
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Trump's astounding victory 
Michael Barone explains that Trump didn't do much better with heartland voters than Mitt Romney, even though the Republican margin there doubled. How?
OK,it's over. Now what?
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OK, it's over. Now what? 
It will be tempting for many who stayed on the sidelines to root for Trump's failure, writes Danielle Pletka. But it's time to stop whining and support those working hard for a smooth transition.
Report: How to fix health care now
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Report: How to fix US health care 
From day one, a top priority for the new administration must be health care reform. A 2015 report from AEI lays out exactly how Republicans can get it right.
CanTrump walk on the Iran deal?
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Can Trump walk on the Iran deal? 
Trump is right: The Iran deal is flawed and does little to restrain Iran's nuclear ambitions. That doesn't mean he should walk away from it, argues Michael Rubin.
"Liberals want to attribute Trump's win to white racism. One difficulty with that explanation is that many of these voters voted for Obama in 2012 and 2008."
— Timothy P. Carney, AEI visiting fellow
Few models gave Trump a chance — except Henry Olsen's 
Michael Barone, Karlyn Bowman, and Norman J. Ornstein
Very few pundits gave Trump achance — except Henry Olsen
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Before Tuesday night, most pollsters confidently projected Hillary Clinton would roll into the White House with a landslide win over Donald Trump. Of course, that didn't happen. Henry Olsen has been modeling elections since 2000, and he saw the signs for a big upset. Hear how he did it — and what it all might mean for the future. (Clip begins at the 3:30 mark.)
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