jueves, 30 de julio de 2015

The first and most fundamental of all human rights ...

Darkness without Truth

by Pope Benedictus XVI
In ancient times the really terrible thing about prisons was that they cut people off from the light of day and plunged them into darkness.

So at a deeper level, the real alienation, unfreedom, and imprisonment of man consists in his want of truth. If he does not know truth, if he does not know who he is, why he is here and what the reality of this world consists in, he is only stumbling around in the dark. He is a prisoner, he is not "being's freedman."

The first and most fundamental of all human rights is the right to God...Without this basic right, which is also the right to truth, the other human rights are not enough. Without this fundamental right to truth and to God, man becomes degraded to the level of a mere creature of needs.

And the deep darkness and alienation of our times is shown in the fact that we have powers and abilities but do not know what they are for; we have so much knowledge that we are no longer able to believe and see truth; we are no longer able to embrace the totality. Our philosophy is that of Pilate: What is truth?

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