viernes, 17 de julio de 2015

Ecological Ecumenism - Church of England: combatting climate change speech


The Bishop of Salisbury (Chair of the Environment Working Group)moved:

'That this Synod, believing that God's creation is holy, that we are called to protect the earth now and for the future, and that climate change disproportionately affects the world's poorest, and welcoming the convergence of ecumenical partners and faith communities in demanding that the nations of the world urgently seek to limit the global rise in average temperatures to a maximum of 2 ̊C, as agreed by the United Nations in Cancun:

(a) urge all governments at the COP 21 meeting in Paris to agree long term pathways to a low carbon future, supported by meaningful short to medium term national emissions pledges from all major carbon emitting nations;

(b) endorse the World Bank's call for the ending of fossil fuel subsidies and the redirection of those resources into renewable energy options

(c) encourage the redirection of resources into other lower carbon energy options;

(d) request the Environment Working Group to develop Shrinking the Footprint to enable the whole Church to address the issue of climate change, and to develop and promote new 'ecotheological resources', as proposed by the Anglican Communion Environmental Network in February 2015;

(e) request the Ministry Division to hear the call of the Anglican Communion Environmental Network bishops for programmes of ministerial formation and in-servicetraining to include components on eco-justice and ecotheology; and

(f) encourage parishes and dioceses to draw attention to the initiative supported by members of the Faith and Climate network encouraging Christians to pray and fast for climate justice on the first day of each month.'

The motion was approved by the Synod after a vote by the whole house, with amendments in italics. The voting figures are as follows:

For - 305, Against - 6, Abstentions - 4.

Read the Bishop of Salisbury's speech to the Synod here.


Download document here:

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