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UK elections 2015 - How did conservatives won?

Election 2015: How David Cameron's Conservatives won

Tory success attributed to one of most disciplined, focused and ruthless campaigns in history of British politics. Here's how they did it...


Policy explainer: deficit

Party stance...
  • Conservative: Eliminate the deficit and leave a minor budget surplus by 2019/2020.
  • Labour: Balance the books and have national debt falling as soon as possible within the next Parliament.
  • Liberal Democrats: Raising an extra £6bn in tax rises and £6bn from tax dodgers. Structural deficit gone by 2017.
  • Ukip: Raise 40p threshold to £55,000, personal allowance to £13,000 and cut foreign aid by £9 billion.
  • Green: Clamp down on tax avoidance and introduce “much-needed” extra green taxes.
  • SNP: “Modest” increase in public spending, protecting NHS budget and creating more jobs.

Government spending could fall to its lowest since 1999

Telegraph verdict

Strong ground for the Conservatives who rightly identify Labour's record on the deficit as a weak spot. But both big parties need to give much more detail about their fiscal plans after the election. Voters deserve to know just what they are voting for here.

As a result, Britian has enjoyed the fastest rate of growth in the G7 group of developed countries with record numbers of jobs.

The messaging from the Tories was relentless. Jim Messina, the former White House strategist who advised the Tories, told MPs that every day they failed to campaign on the economy was a day wasted.

Labour attempted to reassert its own economic credibility by belatedly committing to austerity measures itself.

It fought the election on the basis of the cost-of-living crisis, claiming that the economic recovery wasn't working for ordinary people.

In the end, the Tories' economic message was stronger.


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