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Never in Ireland! What a tragedy!

The Devil Wins in Ireland

By Mary Ann Kreitzer

"Bold" Ireland votes to legalize gay marriage in landslide

The referendum on gay "marriage" is over and the majority of Irish citizens voted that perverted homosexual activities are the equivalent of marital relations. The land that once loved children, probably more than any other on earth, now believes conceiving them in the marriage bed is unnecessary. No longer is marriage about the good of the other, two becoming one flesh, the procreation and education of children, and seeking each other's salvation. It is, instead, about lustful pleasure and self-gratification.

What a tragedy!

Back in 1990 I traveled to Ireland with my mom and a friend. As we drove around the country visiting churches, talking to people, reading the papers, and watching TV we knew Ireland was in trouble, despite the beautiful children we saw everywhere. Hedonistic American programs like Dallas filled the airwaves. Articles promoting gay acceptance appeared in the newspapers. A mother with two young children I met in Letterkenny told me she couldn't wait for the legalization of divorce. Red flags waved everywhere.

From Ireland, my mom returned home while my friend and I continued on to Medjugorje with a group of Irish pilgrims. We spent the week there warning them that abortion was coming and they'd better fight while they still had the chance. They responded in disbelief. Never in Ireland!

Well, the disintegration came faster than even my friend and I could have predicted. Two years after our visit, Ireland changed its law against leaving the country to procure an abortion because of a high-profile incest case. Today Ireland allows abortion in some circumstances, including if a woman claims she will commit suicide without one. I venture to say we are watching the murder/suicide of a once-Catholic country.

What a tragedy that the "land of saints and scholars" that sent so many missionaries to America is the first nation in the world to legalize same-sex marriage by popular vote. Ireland has apparently embraced once again her pagan roots. The Easter fire lit by St. Patrick on Slane Hill has been quenched and the snakes have returned.

No matter how bleak the situation looks, however, remember that all things are possible with God. Pray for poor Ireland that the Lord will raise a new Patrick to reconvert her people to the fullness of the truth. We owe her that much in thanksgiving for the Faith shared by so many of her missionary sons and daughters.


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