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The Iran deal

The Iran Deal Would Make the World a More Dangerous Place

by Ed Feulner

Ever since Sept. 11, 2001, whenever Americans seem especially polarized over a controversial issue, you hear pundits recall how united we’d became in the aftermath of that vicious attack. Why, they ask, can’t we be like that again?

A big part of the reason, frankly, is a lack of leadership at the top level. The tone set by President Obama and his team as they deal with world affairs hardly inspires confidence, either at home or abroad. And left unchecked, their lack of true resolve can lead to some very serious repercussions.

Take our situation with Iran. Some of The Heritage Foundation’s top experts on foreign policy recently published a short assessment of the deal the administration has been pursuing. They listed a number of shortcomings, but one sentence in particular jumped out at me:
The emerging nuclear deal with Iran is likely to lead nervous countries in the region to seek their own nuclear weapons, fueling a cascade of nuclear proliferation that will undermine U.S. security interests in the volatile Middle East and provide Iran with even more resources to fund its many terrorist activities around the world.

Why is that? Certainly, it has much to do with the details of the deal. But the main problem is that it’s not giving other countries what they seek more than anything. Regardless of its political ideology, the leadership of every country that’s not a complete basket case craves one thing above others: stability.


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