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This hard-hitting exposition discusses the root causes of how and why Christian culture is dying

How to Love Your Ordinary, Daily Work

by John Senior

The Death of Christian Culture
By John Senior

The ordinary daily life of men in Christian culture: ... working as the very instruments of God’s love to create a kind of heavenly garden here and now in the home, by which each axe becomes a violin, each loom a harp, each day a prayer, each hour a psalm. (The Death of Christian Culture by John Senior)

Editorial Reviews

"A beautifully written Jeremiad on the decay of Western intellectual and spiritual culture." —E. M. Macierowski, PhD, professor, philosophy and classical languages, Benedictine College

"Anyone seriously interested in understanding what underlies the contemporary demise of the West should buy it, read it, and digest the many gems of wisdom it contains." —Peter A. Redpath, PhD, full professor of philosophy, St. John's University

"Reminds us of Western civilization's treasury of wisdom, its perennial philosophy and great literature." —Mitchell Kalpakgian, PhD, professor of humanities and the Trivium, Wyoming Catholic College

"Profound yet profoundly readable, this book is brilliantly revealing of both the causes and effects of modernity's cultural crisis." —David M. Whalen, PhD, associate provost and associate professor of English, Hillsdale College

"Senior was the Catholic Socrates of the 20th century." —James S. Taylor, PhD, author, Poetic Knowledge: The Recovery of Education

"I knew John Senior for some 50 years. No one had the same success in defending and bringing others to the Catholic faith." —Ronald P. McArthur, PhD, president emeritus, Thomas Aquinas College

"A true prophet." —Reverend C.J. McCloskey III, research fellow, Faith and Reason Institute, Washington, DC

"John Senior was a great teacher and poet . . . In the middle of this dark night of secular society, Senior sees the Morning Star." —Most Reverend David L. Ricken, DD, JCL, Bishop of Cheyenne

About the Author

John Seniorholds his doctorate from Columbia University and was a professor of English, comparative literature, and classics and the founder of the Integrated Humanities Program at the University of Kansas. He was dedicated to preserving Catholic orthodoxy. Andrew Senior has worked as a diocesan director of religious education and as a professor of Latin, English, history, and philosophy. He currently teaches at St. Mary's College. He lives in Manhattan, Kansas. Dr. David Allen White is a professor of English at the United States Naval Academy. He is the editor of Shakespeare A to Z and the author of The Horn of the Unicorn and The Mouth of the Lion. He lives in Annandale, Virginia.

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