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July 23 — July 29

Materialism: The False God of Modern Science
by George Stanciu

In the twenty-first century, science, not the Church, is the oppressor that champions a worldview that has to be cast off...

How the Hook-Up Culture Is Damaging Women
by Anne Maloney

We fail an entire generation when we withhold from them the “wisdom not to do desperate things"...

The Return of “Enemies of the Permanent Things”
by Bradley J. Birzer

Because a truth is a truth, it can never be destroyed. It can be mocked, ignored, and distorted, but, as a truth, it remains. It only needs to be remembered...

Calling All the Young Fogies
by James Baresel

In stressing the importance of beauty and formality, the young fogey movement provides an antidote to modernity's utilitarianism and narcissistic childishness...

Wards of the State: How Colleges Indoctrinate Our Kids
by Bruce Frohnen

Reform and renewal of our colleges will be extremely difficult, but must begin with a realization of just how bad things have gotten...

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