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Books: How did Nietzsche the philosopher come into being?

The Making of Friedrich Nietzsche:

The Quest for Identity, 1844-1869

How did Nietzsche the philosopher come into being? 
  • The Nietzsche known today did not develop 'naturally', through the gradual maturation of some inborn character. 
  • Instead, from an early age he engaged in a self-conscious campaign to follow his own guidance, thereby cultivating the critical capacities and personal vision which figure in his books. 
  • As a result, his published works are steeped in values that he discovered long before he mobilized their results.
  • Indeed, one could argue that the first work which he authored was not a book at all, but his own persona. 
  • Based on scholarship previously available only in German, this book examines Nietzsche's unstable childhood, his determination to advance through self-formation, and the ways in which his environment, notably the Prussian education system, alternately influenced and impeded his efforts to find his own way.
  • It will be essential reading for all who are interested in Nietzsche.

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