miércoles, 20 de julio de 2016

Communism Still Persists.

We Must Remember Nations Where People Are Not Free.

by Lee Edwards

Communism is a cancer that must be removed lest it spread. That historical lesson led President Ronald Reagan, after four decades of containment and accommodation, to lay down a new policy to end the Cold War: “We win and they lose.”

Under Reagan, the United States initiated a multipronged anti-communist strategy that was part military (launching the Strategic Defense Initiative), part economic (undercutting the price of Soviet gas and oil), and part political (supporting Poland’s Solidarity movement).

As a result, Moscow found itself falling far behind in an ever accelerating arms race and conceded defeat.

Communism collapsed in Eastern and Central Europe in 1989, followed by the dissolution of the Soviet Union and the “evil empire” two years later.

But, unhappily, communism did not crash everywhere. It still persists—a quarter of a century later—in China (the most populous nation in the world), Cuba, Vietnam, North Korea, and Laos.


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