viernes, 1 de julio de 2016

“If that is 'Peace,' terror is winning in Colombia.”

Obama-backed FARC Deal a Bonanza for Marxist Terrorists

Written by Alex Newman

Despite waging a brutal terrorist war on the people of Colombia that claimed hundreds of thousands of lives over 50 years, the Marxist narco-terrorist group known as the FARC is making out like bandits in an Obama-backed “peace” deal with the Colombian government.

Under the controversial plan, negotiated in Communist Cuba with help from the pro-FARC dictatorship there, FARC terrorists and their leaders will receive what amounts to amnesty for the atrocities they perpetrated — everything from mass murder and war crimes to kidnapping, torture, robbery, and rape. The war criminals and terrorists will also be allowed to enter the government. Critics, though, including the former Colombian president, are blasting the agreement as a farce and a capitulation to communist terrorists just as the barbarians were set to be destroyed militarily.


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