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Would you vote for Donald Trump to stop Hillary Clinton from becoming president?

A Trump Nomination Means Victory for Clinton in November

by Rachel Lu

Politically interested Catholics have been tearing one another apart over the question: would you vote for Donald Trump to stop Hillary Clinton from becoming president?
I worry about many things nowadays, but not very much about that. I’m not voting for Trump. He is an awful human being and an awful candidate, and he would make a truly terrible president. However, I doubt there will be much reason even to consider voting for him. I still hope the country will come to its senses and decline to nominate him, but if they don’t, it will become clear long before November that he has no chance of winning.

By the end of summer, no one will be worrying anymore about urging the Senate to stand strong against an Obama nominee to the Supreme Court. With Trump topping the Republican ticket, the Democrats will be unstoppable. Six Purgatorial months of vomit-inducing scandals will culminate in long and merry progressive grave-dance, as Republicans lose the House and Senate, and watch the beloved Antonin Scalia get replaced by a hard left justice in the mold of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Then the Clinton Administration will get back to the business of undermining our religious liberties, and rolling back any protections we have created on behalf of the unborn.

I realize that Trump supporters are rubbing their hands and crowing about “famous last words.” It’s true that Trump has endured far longer than almost anyone predicted. We need to realize, though, that this is only partly a tribute to Trump’s skills as an entertainer. It’s also a testament to our media, which has many motivations for guiding this unbelievably awful candidate to the Republican nomination. He keeps their ratings up, and most are happy to root for the horse that has the smallest chance of beating Clinton. The moment his nomination is secure, however, they’ll be poised to turn on him. Plan to keep your kids away from any public place with a television, if Trump becomes the nominee. It’s going to be a long and Purgatorial lead-up to the 2016 election.

It’s already clear that Trump is the most vulgar, crude, and brazenly immoral presidential candidate in American history. So it’s not surprising to find the public dislikes him; he is more hated by far than any other presidential candidate, including Clinton, and a full 54 percent of likely voters say they absolutely won’t consider voting for him. Many noteworthy Republicans (even including elected officials) have already declared in no uncertain terms that they will never pull a lever for Trump. Meanwhile, his boasts about “crossover appeal” are almost entirely empty. Independents and Democrats absolutely loathe him. If a Trump vs. Clinton election were held today, Trump would be crushed.

As grim as that may sound, this is likely the high-water mark for his public image. Things could get much worse, and will if he is nominated.


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