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New Resources

Humbling Ourselves - Caryll Houselander 

- from Wood of the Cradle, Wood of the Cross: The Little Way of the Infant Jesus - To accept oneself as one is to accept life as it is: these are the two basic elements of childhood's simplicity and humility.

Forming Intentional Disciples - Introduction 
- Sherry Weddell 

- from Forming Intentional Disciples: The Path to Knowing and Following Jesus - "Sherry Weddell has supplied us with one amazing resource — "Forming Intentional Disciples" — which is must-reading for any Catholic who wants to be realistically, honestly and effectively engaged in the drama of making disciples." - Father Thomas Berg

Contraception, Congo Nuns, Choosing the Lesser Evil, and Conflict of Commandments 
- Janet E. Smith 

- Catholic World Report - The Church has never taught that if the harms are serious enough, it is permissible to use contraception.

- The Catholic Thing - It's a pleasure this Lent to suggest a few current or impending faith-friendly films that do have the quality to deserve our attention.

Christ in the face of all 
- Charles Lewis 

- The Catholic Register - It was a sight of beauty. Perhaps as beautiful a thing as I have ever seen.

The Joy of the Martyrs - Anthony Esolen 

- Magnificat - Who can hold out against the father of lies, without the grace of God?

A Man for Our Season - David Warren 

- The Catholic Thing - You don't have to be Catholic to be fully sane, but it helps.

Kicking the Rock of Reality - Father George W. Rutler 

- From the Pastor - In normal usage, an idealist is someone with a lofty vision, possibly naïve but always noble in spirit.

3rd Sunday of Lent - Father John Horgan 

- CERC - He is saying to all of us, look at your own lives. Look at what you are doing. Look at how you are thinking.

Editorials of Interest

We are called to be God's coworkers in an undertaking so basic and unique as that of witnessing by our existence to the strength of transforming grace and the renewing power of the Holy Spirit.

Francis, Contraception, and the Zika Virus - The Catholic Thing

The pope's comments on contraception in the case of rape involves an issue that has not been explicitly defined by the Magisterium, but it represents no innovation in Catholic morality.

Intervention of the Permanent Observer Mission of the Holy See to the UN on the Zika Virus - Catholic World Report

Not only is increased access to abortion and abortifacients an illegitimate response to this crisis, but since it terminates the life of a child it is fundamentally not preventative.

Felix Bissextilis! - F. Z's Blog

Some reflections on Pope Francis' remarks, in returning from Mexico, on contraceptives, Trump, walls, abortion, and same-sex unions.

Oscar-winning "Spotlight" Producer Tells Pope to "Protect the Children -NCRegister

But I was stunned to hear the producer's remark: "Pope Francis, it is time to protect the children and restore the faith."

Did Paul VI approve of Congo nuns using the Pill? Does it matter if he didn't? -Catholic World Report

If Pope Paul VI had approved of women in danger of rape using an anovulant or other non-abortifacient contraceptive, he simply would have anticipated what has become accepted.

Ukrainian Catholic archbishop expresses disappointment at pope-patriarch declaration - Catholic Herald

"This text has caused deep disappointment among many faithful of our church and among conscientious citizens of Ukraine. Many feel betrayed by the Vatican, disappointed by the half-truth nature of this document, and even see it as indirect support by the Apostolic See for Russian aggression against Ukraine."

John Paul II and His 'Secret Letters' to a Woman Who Was a Colleague and Friend - National Review

The Secret Letters of Pope John Paul II illuminates the misconceptions under which too much secular journalism operates when writing about the Catholic Church, its clergy, and celibacy.

A Salutary Corrective in Scalia's Funeral - The Catholic Thing

I have been waiting for fifty-two years for some corrective to the kind of Catholic funeral liturgy that began to take hold with the Funeral Mass for President Kennedy in 1963.

Is Cardinal Pell Facing a Prejudiced Inquisition? - NCRegister

Critics say the Australian cardinal is being presumed guilty until proven innocent.

After Justice Scalia - First Things

The death of Justice Antonin Scalia on February 13 unexpected and, for many reasons, tragic draws a curtain on the life and public service of one of the most important Catholic figures in America over the past half-century..

How the Church Helps Black Men Flourish in America - The Atlantic

The structure it provides, along with the values it instills, strengthens employment prospects, family life, and more.

Europe's Rape Epidemic: Western Women Will Be Sacrificed At The Altar Of Mass Migration - Breitbart

In Norway, recent statistics revealed that 100% of violent street-rapes in the capital city of Oslo were committed by "non-Western" immigrants. It's a similar story in Denmark.

ISIS, Genocide, and Us - First Things

Today, western politicians seem to fear that naming the genocide of Christians for what it is, or treating Christian refugees as refugees, will be taken as a gesture of disrespect for Islam.

Death, the Prosperity Gospel and Me - NY Times

The prosperity gospel has taken a religion based on the contemplation of a dying man and stripped it of its call to surrender all. Perhaps worse, it has replaced Christian faith with the most painful forms of certainty.

Don't Give Up When You Fail - Epic Pew

When we screw up, we have to keep going. God does not expect perfection from us. He just expects us to give our all to Him.

Singles: Don't Pray Away Your Desire for Love - Aleteia

The end goal is always Christ, whether you get to him with the aid of a spouse or not.

The Secret Privilege of "Offering it Up" - Aleteia

One cannot participate, even infinitesimally, in Christ's agonies without participating in the expansion of his mercy toward all; a humbling lesson.

Gratitude for Spotlight - National Review

Spotlight brings with it an opportunity for closeness to those who suffer. It does so with respect and compassion. And it is an opportunity for faithful Catholics to do more in prayer and service for healing and renewal.

Making a Murderer Attorney Motivated by His Faith - Catholic Answers

In one episode, defense attorneys Jerome Buting and Dean Strang are seen strategizing at home about the case. Both men appear on screen with dark smudges on their foreheads.

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