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Touchstone January/February 2016 . (From the new issue)

The Vanishing Point of Marriage

How the Minimalist Redefinition Erodes a Foundational Institution 

by Andrew J. Peach

Surprising no one, the United States Supreme Court in Obergefell v. Hodgesstruck down all state laws (including state constitutional amendments) upholding the definition of marriage as the union of one man and one woman, and recognized as "marriage" (and conferred legal legitimacy upon) unions between persons of the same sex. Seeing past the illusions of every generation prior to its own, the Court proclaimed, . . .

Bargain Debasement

Secular Credibility Is a Devilish Temptation

by James Hitchcock

The familiar phrase "worldly wisdom" is in contrast to true wisdom, which is a wholly good quality. The story of the unjust steward is considered the most difficult of all Jesus' parables, in that it seems to recommend calculating worldly wisdom. Thus, recent biblical translations have changed "wise" to "shrewd," a change that clearly seems warranted by the context. . . .

Higher-Order Marriage

Progressive Myths & Christianity's Deeper Revolution

by David J. Theroux

Marriage is a universal institution of civilization. We find no human society in which marriage has not existed in some form, and virtually all marriage ceremonies historically have involved religious elements. Yet for many years now, natural ("traditional") marriage and the family have become the subjects of secular ridicule, with the family increasingly politicized and socialized by "progressive" government bureaucracies. As Charles Murray has shown in his books . . .


How the State of Marriage Looks from China & Within China

by David Marshall 

As happy as I am to have spent much of the Obama administration in China, my relief only grew this past spring, during the run-up to the Supreme Court's Obergefelldecision on so-called same-sex marriage, and during the weeks of endless commentary and celebration following it. But distance may also lend a certain perspective to the ongoing train-wreck. In any case, as I climbed a hill in southern China one Sunday, . . .

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