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This article analyzes Russia’s cyber strategy and tactics against Ukraine in an effort to inform U.S. cyber policy

Brandishing the Cybered Bear: Information War 
and the Russia-Ukraine Conflict

by Azhar Unwala, Georgetown University, and Shaheen Ghori, National Defense University
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Russia’s use of cyber power against Ukraine offered renewed insight to Russian cyber strategy and capabilities. This article 
dissects the Russia-Ukraine conflict by analyzing Russia’s strategic doctrine, tactical maneuvers, and capabilities in the 
information realm. Understanding the Russia-Ukraine conflict in this manner can inform and strengthen U.S. cyber policy and 
strategy. In particular, U.S. strategic planners and cyber professionals should consider internalizing Russian strategic thinking 
regarding cyber power and promote tactical improvements in resilience, intelligence, and information among itself and its 

The 2014 Russia-Ukraine conflict offered fresh insight to Russia’s cyber strategies and capabilities. It also exposed potential areas where U.S. cyber policy can be strengthened. While analysis and prescriptions regarding conventional military force arrangements are beyond the scope of this article, understanding cyber power’s role for Russia and the United States is valuable in informing strategic planners and professionals about future cybered conflicts. In light of Russia’s maneuvers against Ukraine, the United States should promote improvements in resilience, intelligence, and information among itself and its allies.

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