sábado, 3 de marzo de 2018

Parental Rights: A Casualty of the Transgender Revolution

by Brian Miller 
The Janus case is not an attack on unionism. It is an attempt to place unions on an equal footing with all other private organizations who have a right to organize, solicit members, and advocate what they believe.

by Andrew T. Walker 

If the medical establishment deems “transitioning” in the best interest of a legal minor and the parents object on moral or religious grounds, legal precedent now exists that suggests that parental rights can be severed in the interest of countenancing transgender orthodoxy.

by Gerard T. Mundy 
Millions of Chinese sacrifice daily for the freedom to worship the Trinity as their God in communion with Rome. Rather than appeasing the Chinese government and capitulating to its demands, the Vatican would do well to admonish its leaders instead.

by Scott Yenor 
The existence of each political community depends on married adults having children and raising them to responsible adulthood.

Power, Preference, and Morality:

 On Alasdair MacIntyre’s Latest

by R.J. Snell 
Despite the frustrating sense that much of its argument is asserted rather than demonstrated, there can be no doubt that those involved in the cultural disputes of our day ought to know Alasdair MacIntyre’s new book.

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