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Is America running out of patience with LGBT activism?


by Michael Cook - Editor - MERCATORNET
Is America running out of patience with LGBT activism?
By Glenn T. Stanton

From victory to abuse of power. 
Are boys ‘broken’?
By Barbara Lilley

No, but their masculinity has taken a hammering. 
Drugs put Egypt’s future at risk
By Shannon Roberts

A growing proportion of young people are addicted. 
How can you separate freedom of conscience from freedom of religion?
By David van Gend

Australia's review of religious freedom will determine whether civil tolerance can prevail over coerced conformity 
The Shape of Water
By Eleonora Recalcati

A reflection on dignity and power. 
Reasons for relativism
By J. Budziszewski

It's impossible to argue that there are no rules for morality without becoming ridiculous. 
Dependence on gaming is a ‘disorder’ says the WHO
By Lucrezia Scotellaro

Parents and social environment play a key role in prevention. 
The extremes of healthcare in Africa
By Mathew Otieno

From one country to another, living and dying could not be more different.
Dogs live like royalty
By Jane Fagan

The 12th in a series of books about famous people's dogs 
Classical music’s divorce from God has been one of the great failures of our times
By George Corbett

'In no other cultural domain is there a music of a greatness equal to that which was born in the domain of the Christian faith' 

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