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On wealth and the Bible ...

On Wealth and the Bible, The First Christians Were Not Like David Bentley Hart

by Dylan Pahman

Neither the New Testament nor the writings of early Christians support the idea that material wealth is intrinsically evil.

Joseph Boyle, Public Discourse, and the Kingdom of God

by Christopher O. Tollefsen

Josseph Boyle was a colleague, mentor, and friend to many associated with Public Discourse and in the broader academic community. He will be sorely missed.

Collaborative Greatness: The Lesson of George Washington and Alexander Hamilton

by Carson Holloway

We need to reflect on and learn from Washington and Hamilton’s lesson in collaborative greatness. Their alliance forged our nation, and we will need similar alliances to preserve it and ensure its flourishing.

Betrayed by Our Leaders: A Young Conservative Responds to Endorsements of Donald Trump

by Nathaniel Peters

The leaders of organizations that have shaped a generation of young conservatives are now endorsing Donald Trump, a man who is the antithesis of the values held by each of these institutions.
On wea

Autonomy or Worthiness? How to Find Dignity in Death

by Margaux Killackey

There is dignity in living and dignity in dying, because the concept of “dignity” is inseparable from our humanity. Even when our autonomy is lost, all people can still undergo suffering and death with a noble and dignified serenity.

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