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Can We Stop the Decline of the West? (The Imaginative Conservative News)

Seeking No Monsters: Redefining American Exceptionalism

by Joseph A. Mussomeli
A foreign policy firmly based on consistency, restraint, and adherence to our founding principles would ultimately achieve what most of us mistakenly believe we already possess: an American Exceptionalism admired and envied by the world...

Standing Athwart History: Can We Stop the Decline of the West?

by Michael De Sapio
The West has been living in the shadow of its own demise for two centuries or more—and not merely since, say, the late 1960s. The only response to such a situation is to rediscover, hoard, and cherish the cultural treasures of our past...

Edmund Burke: No Virtue without Struggle

by Bradley J. Birzer
The duty of every generation is to discern—through prudence—the good and the bad of what has been inherited. It’s not enough to be a mere traditionalist, ratifying all that has been handed down to us... 

Long Night’s Journey into Day: The Twilight of Knightly Men

by Marcia Christoff-Kurapovna
This is the tale of knightly men of a twilight époque who swash-buckled onto the world stage just before their sense of life was wiped out in the trenches of The Great War. The world has never seen the likes of them again...

Why Are College Students Using Coloring Books?
by John Horvat
The purpose of university education is not meant to be therapeutic but formative. The university should concerned with the pursuit of truth and should mark a farewell to childhood and childish things...

The Christian Case for Global Capitalism

by Nathan Smith
Even as it helps to spread prosperity to the poor of the earth, free-market capitalism helps Christians to survive and maintain their integrity in the face of a regime determined to impose sexual immorality on society...








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