sábado, 8 de octubre de 2016

"Now all that is gone”: The vanishing Christian communities of Iraq and Syria (Catholic World Report)

By Filip Mazurczak | Special Report

Recent reports of millions of pro-abortion protesters are not only demonstrably erroneous, they ignore or misrepresent the overwhelmingly pro-life nature of Polish society and legislation. 
By K.V. Turley | Interview

An interview with the filmmakers behind “Our Last Stand,” a new documentary about the on-going genocide perpetrated against Middle Eastern Christians. 
By CWR Staff | Interview

In a wide-ranging interview with "La Nef", Cardinal Sarah discusses his new book, published in France, saying, "By living with the silent God, and in Him, we ourselves become silent." 
By James Kalb | Ecclesia et Civitas

We don't have more freedom, tolerance, and respect than we used to. Instead we have constraint, suppression, and condemnation with regard to different things. 

“Today the whole world is at war trying to destroy marriage,” the Holy Father says in a speech during his Caucasus tour, noting that this war isn’t being fought with arms “but with ideas.” 

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