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There are timeless truths about what it takes to achieve one's potential and to be exceptionally successful

26 habits of exceptionally successful people, according to a journalist who studied 500 millionaires


Here are the habits he found the most successful people have in common.

1. They have a definite purpose.

2. They know their motives.

3. They surround themselves with people smarter than them.

4. They are self-reliant.

5. They have self-control.

6. They are persistent.

7. They find productive uses for their creativity.

8. They are decisive.

9. They gather information before reaching conclusions.

10. They can control their enthusiasm.

11. They are open minded.

12. They always do more than expected.

13. They are diplomatic.

14. They listen more than they speak.

15. They pay attention to details.

16. They can take criticism.

17. They are loyal.

18. They are incredibly charismatic.

19. They are focused.

20. They learn from their mistakes.

21. They accept responsibility for their subordinates' failures.

22. They praise the achievements of others.

23. They treat others the way they'd like to be treated.

24. They maintain a positive attitude.

25. They don't make excuses.

26. They focus on what they want.


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