domingo, 16 de agosto de 2015

The vast majority, nearly all, of Israelis want their child to be “a healthy person, a normal person,”

Israel's Media Controlled by Gays, Warns Lawmaker

Homosexuality and the gay community in general wouldn’t garner nearly so much attention or enjoy such a strong level of legitimization in the Jewish state without the grip that homosexuals and their supporters have on the local media.

That according to Bezalel Smotrich, an outspoken Member of Knesset from the right-wing Jewish Home party.

In an interview with Israel Radio last week, Smotrich asserted that “there are a whole lot of prominent figures in the Israeli media, those who have the microphone, and they determine for all of us what to think and what to say.”

Earlier, he had referred to the recent gay pride parade in Jerusalem as the “abomination parade.”


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