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Family-State-Self: The Classical Triumvirate

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by Joseph Mussomeli
In 1917 an American president, overwhelmingly arrogant and sure of his understanding of the world, foolishly entangled us in World War I and launched a great crusade to make the world safe for democracy. In so doing he unwittingly helped make the world safe for fascism and communism, the totalitarian ideologies of that time. We can only hope that our current president will not now, in his efforts to make the world safe from terrorism, instead make the world safe for Wahhabism, the last remaining totalitarianism of our time...

by Jake Sommer
History remembers Hannibal and Scipio Africanus, not because they were unique in their motivations, but because they were the absolute embodiment of the ethos of their time and place. This ethos bound family and State together because there was no reason to separate them. Theirs was an ethos of glory (gloria) and worth (dignitas); theirs was an era of citizen-State symbiosis...

by Bradley Birzer
The chief purpose of life, for any one of us, is to increase according to our capacity our knowledge of God by all the means we have, and to be moved by it to praise and thanks. To do as we say in the Gloria in Excelsis…. We praise you, we call you holy, we worship you, we proclaim your glory, we thank you for the greatness of your splendor. And in moments of exaltation we may call on all created things to join in our chorus, speaking on their behalf…all mountains and hills, all orchards and forests, all things that creep and birds on the wing...

by Andrew Seeley
The number of those attracted by the renewal of classical education is growing, as parents confronting the spiritual wasteland of contemporary education flock to schools producing faithful, intelligent, joyful students devoted to the true, the good, and the beautiful, and energized to proclaim them to Church and world... [MORE]

by Donald Devine
One of the most important lessons of Mr. Trump’s success is that classically liberal rhetoric and positions were not very important to voters. It turned out that they wanted a candidate who promised to help, not one who knew his Hayek. The institutional advantages that the liberal strand of conservatism enjoys are thus the mirror image of  its political weakness. It excels in producing journal articles, legal briefs, and business plans, but struggles to win popular support...

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