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‘No one’s religious freedom is safe when anti-Christian ideologues write the rules

How to Combat the New Intolerance, ‘a Rival Faith, Rooted in the Sexual Revolution’

Author Mary Eberstadt talks about the enemies of religious freedom in her latest book: ‘No one’s religious freedom is safe when anti-Christian ideologues write the rules.

Mary Eberstadt is the author of It’s Dangerous to Believe: Religious Freedom and Its Enemies (Harper), which examines how Christian moral teaching has become the chief target of a powerful secular orthodoxy that elevates sexual rights above America’s “first freedom.”

Protestant and Catholic believers and institutions have come under fire for resisting key priorities of the sexual revolution — the promotion of contraception and legal abortion and the expansion of sexual rights to include same-sex unions.

As partisan groups attack opponents of same-sex “marriage” and so-called “bathroom bills” as “haters” and “bigots,” and as conscience protections are framed as a “license to discriminate,” Eberstadt argues that religious believers must challenge these slurs to set the record straight.

Eberstadt is also the author of several other books that explore related themes, including How the West Really Lost God: A New Theory of Secularization and Adam and Eve After the Pill: Paradoxes of the Sexual Revolution. Her novel The Loser Letters: A Comic Tale of Life, Death and Atheism has been adapted for the stage and will premiere in fall 2016.

In July, Eberstadt was in Kraków, Poland, to teach at the “Tertio Millennio Seminar on the Free Society.”

During an email exchange with Register senior editor Joan Frawley Desmond, she warned of a stepped-up campaign to “prevent the transmission of Christian thought” in education, the workplace and the public square.


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