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From The Imaginative Conservative

Recommended Essays / July 30 — August 5

Caesar vs. Islam: Whose Side Should Christians Take?

by Joseph Pearce

In choosing to import Islam into its midst secularism was always courting disaster, and having made its multicultural bed, secularism will have to lie in it...

Celebrating Homer: A Divine Shining
by Glenn Arbery

The greatness of Homer lies in the fact that he depicts a world everywhere charged with a divine shining, especially where it is most human. Without the beauty of the gods, who add dimensions of shimmering luminosity, the Homeric world would fade...

by Kate Deddens

Classical education invites us to study, contemplate, and embrace two thousand years of recorded transformation that have been bequeathed to us in order that beauty may once again bloom in the wasteland...

Egalitarianism, American Style

by Bruce Frohnen

The American norm has been that people can and should respect all who work hard, to a purpose consistent with the public good. Do we still believe this?...

Brothers and Friends: Warren and C.S. Lewis

by Brad Birzer

Born three years before his famous brother, Warnie Lewis was one of the most intelligent and earnest observers of greatness in the last century..

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