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Is Classical Education Revitalizing Christian Culture?

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by Bradley J. Birzer
Burke believed that because man is not perfect, he cannot create the perfect constitution at a single moment or even over a grand sweep of time. Instead, a proper constitution will have gaps, errors, and even, at times, contradictions... 

by Stephen Turley
The students of a classical education are part of nothing less than a civilizational renaissance, the revitalized intellectual tradition of a distinctive and vibrant Christian culture...

by Glenn Arbery
In Plato’s Republic, Socrates leads his young friends on a dialectical ascent to the Idea of the Good, whose image is the sun. The sun provides light and nourishes growth; by analogy, the Good illumines the intellect and at the same time brings all things knowable by it into being. But is the Good the same thing as the Holy?...

by Sean Fitzpatrick
"A crisis of confidence," said President Carter in 1979, "is threatening to destroy the social and the political fabric of America.” These words echo prophetically today, as the United States endures what has become not just a crisis, but a collapse, of confidence... 

by Bruce Frohnen
This election will show how far the power of the press goes in shaping public opinion. The mainstream press today is clearly siding with one candidate and using its considerable power and influence on her behalf...

by Peter Kwasniewski
The history of modern music is a history of deliberate rebellion and revolt against the great tradition of Western music...
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