domingo, 10 de abril de 2016

The Imaginative Conservative - Recommended Essays

The Little Sisters' Last Stand for Religious Liberty 

by Bruce Frohnen
Should the Obama Administration succeed in forcing the Little Sisters of the Poor to bow to its contraception mandate, all churches will soon be made into administrative units of the federal government...

Socrates on Democracy and the Just City

by Eva Brann
Socrates suggests that democracy and its inevitable degenerate consequence, tyranny—which alternate with each other in Athens—have this important trait in common: that they are both less than cities, almost non-constitutions, to which no definite kind of soul corresponds...

The Sad Career of Justice Stephen Breyer

by Allen Porter Mendenhall
Justice Stephen Breyer was off to a promising start to an educated life when he studied philosophy at Stanford University and then attended Oxford University. He was becoming the welcome exception: a literate lawyer. Then things went wrong, gradually and by slow degrees...

Plato's Tale of the Wolf-Tyrant: A Lesson for Our Times?

by Christopher Morrissey
Socrates warns that today’s tyrants will strive to free an “oppressed” class in order to make them into a revolutionary power base. But then the protector of the people will become a wolf-tyrant feasting on the entrails of the rich victim...

Alasdair MacIntyre: From Socratic Subverter to Supporter of the State

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